Carnet De passage

Carnet De passage

The AA

AA Limited is a British motor vehicle association, trading as the AA, formerly the Automobile Association.

It was founded in 1905 and it mostly provides vehicle insurance, and driving lessons and has a network of Breakdown covers. They also used to map a route for those who used to travel before the introduction of google maps. The AA pointed out the breakdown coverage areas in the maps. The company became a PLC in 2014 and it still works in the public interest and road safety activities.

Until mid-1900, the AA had erected thousands of warning signs along roads until responsibility was handed over to local authorities. To read more about Carnet De passage please read carefully.

AA also gives ratings to hotels and different kinds of accommodations provided to road users. The system is based on assessing quality standards and various tourist authorities in the United Kingdom. They also give awards like “Gold Star” for those accommodations that stand out.

Automobile Association.

What is AAA

AAA is the American Automobile Association of affiliated automobile clubs. Each AAA club is an independent, non-profit organization. Each club has to agree to provide certain standard services to its members. AAA provides emergency roadside assistance to its members. They also provide tour data, a list of hotels, complete travel information, and even personalized itineraries.

American Automobile Association

What is MOT?

MOT stands for Ministry of Transport. This was the government department responsible for checking vehicle roadworthiness when the test was introduced in 1960.

What is MOT Test?

In this inspection service, the checks are focused on the braking system the fuel system, and seatbelts. Wipers, mirrors, lights and exhaust everything is checked. A vehicle may fail the MOT test if it has high emissions. Currently following vehicles are exempt from MOT checks.

  • Hybrid Vehicles
  • Hydrogen Fuel cell vehicles
  • Electric Vehicles

What checks are included in an MOT test?

The test takes about an hour and it checks:

  • Axles, wheels, tires, and suspension
  • Body, structure, and attachments (including exhaust system, seats, and doors)
  • Steering
  • Brakes
  • Brake fluid contamination
  • Brake pads warning light
  • Fuel system
  • Exhaust emissions
  • Diesel particulate filter (DPF) for tampering
  • Fluid leaks other than coolant and Adblue
  • Lights, battery, and electrical wiring
  • Daytime running lights
  • Reversing lights
  • Horn
  • Number plates
  • Seatbelts
  • Speedometer
  • Visibility (wipers, windscreen, mirrors)

The engine, clutch, and gearbox are not tested. The full details of the MOT test are on GOV.UK.

Carnet de Passages

Carnet de Passages en Douane (CPD) Definition

The CPD is a worldwide customs document that covers the temporary admission of motor vehicles in international locations where required. A Carnet de Passage en Douanes is like a passport for a vehicle to enter a couple of international locations for brief importation while not having to pay the obligation and taxes.

It serves as a customs declaration identifying the automobile to be imported and additionally constitutes a worldwide guarantee. Any customs responsibilities and import taxes chargeable should the automobiles no longer be re-exported have caused strict enforcement of laws. Many people leave the vehicles where they have traveled and go back by air. Due to this in some countries, travelers have to deposit the equivalent amount of the price of a car as security. Although it may vary for getting a Carnet De passage. It is recommended to clearly ask the experienced over landers about the experience and calculate the timeline for visiting the countries. For Pakistan getting a Carnet De passage is fairly easy however getting a visa can get difficult.

Vehicles Accepted Under Carnet

  • New Cars
  • Used Cars
  • New and Used motorcycles
  • Recreational Vehicles (RVs)
  • Trailers

Please note that vehicles for commercial use are not covered by CPD.

Carnet de Passages

What is a Carnet Document

Carnet De passages en douane mostly contain a certificate of locations and instructions for customs officers.


  1. I am not principally resident in any of the countries I propose to visit and confirm that the particulars given by me on the CPD application form are correct.
  2. I will comply with the Customs laws and regulations of the country visited governing the temporary importation of motor vehicles, particularly all instructions applying to the use of the CPD (entry visa, exit visa, etc.).
  3. I will not place the vehicle at the disposal of a person or firm having a residence or business in the country of temporary importation, nor use the vehicle between points within that country for transport of local goods or passengers against remuneration or other considerations unless specifically authorized by the Customs authorities. (Exceptionally, if it is necessary to put the vehicle at the disposal of a third-party non-resident in the country of temporary importation, I will contact the guarantor organization or the issuing association for instructions.)
  4. I will re-export the vehicle and any items listed on the CPD from the visited country or countries within the time limit prescribed by the national Customs legislation and will ensure when leaving the visited country, that the CPD which remains the property of the issuing associations has been discharged by the Customs authorities.
  5. I will notify the issuing association or the guarantor association in the country visited as soon as possible of any circumstances (damage, confiscation, etc.) preventing or delaying the exportation of the imported vehicle and /or other items listed on the CPD.
  6. I will ensure that the CPD is discharged by the Customs Administration before selling the vehicle, modifying its characteristics, or if it has been written off for any reason, or destroyed under Customs control. The holder must return the CPD, after having it properly discharged to the issuing association should the bearer’s status no longer conform with the requirements of the Customs Administration in the country visited regarding the temporary importation of motor vehicles (for example, transfer abroad of the holder’s principal residence, destruction or abandonment of the vehicle under the Customs control, etc.).
  7. I will return the CPD to the issuing association after having it properly discharged as soon as possible after use or at the latest at the expiry of the CPD’s validity.
  8. I will provide a completed Certificate of Location – see the last page of the CPD – before the CPD is returned to the issuing association if it has not been properly discharged by the Customs of the last country in which it was used for temporary importation.
  9. In the event of the CPD being lost, I will provide the issuing association with a completed Certificate of Location made out by the authorities of the country of registration or final Importation dated beyond the expiry date of the CPD.
  10. I will provide if required by the issuing association after the expiry of the CPD (in order to protect the issuing association and myself) a completed Certificate of Location in the country of registration or final importation in order to avoid any dispute regarding the authenticity of a Customs exit visa.
  11. I will reimburse the issuing association upon presentation of an account for any expenses (including the payment of Customs taxes) under the issuing association guarantee, including costs arising from any incorrect information supplied by me.
  12. I authorize the issuing association to obtain from any public or private authority details of my address and any other information necessary to deal effectively with any inquiry arising from my use of a CPD or other Customs document issued under the issuing association guarantee.
  13. I authorize the issuing association to take at my expense all reasonable legal steps to avoid payment of Customs duties and/or charges and to use any guarantee deposit held for this purpose.
  14. I understand that the issuing association cannot be held responsible for the effects of any changes in temporary importation regulations which have either not been officially communicated to the AIT & FIA or are amended after the issue of the CPD.
  15. Signature of Applicant:_____________________
  16. Date:_________________________________

Carnet Countries

The Carnet countries are grouped according to rules set forth by local governments. Following is a list of Advisories

Carnet de Passages

Carnet de passage pakistan

Pakistan Advisory

The Geneva Customs Secretariat has received confirmation from the Automobile Association of Pakistan that persons holding Pakistani passports may not enter the country with a foreign-registered vehicle under the cover of the CPD. The Pakistani Customs Rules (under their reference ” S.R.O. 450 (l)/2001,.dated 18.6.2001″) prohibit the temporary importation of motor vehicles to “expatriate employees”. Pakistani citizens residing abroad may not use the CPD to enter Pakistan but are required to deposit a bank guarantee.

Carnet Application Checklist

  • Reason for travel i.e. tourism, business, study, etc.
  • Type of vehicle: car, motorcycle, truck, etc.
  • Countries to be visited.
  • Which country will the vehicle be returning to at the end of the trip?
  • Country of registration.
  • License plate number.
  • Purchase value of vehicle.
  • The current value of the vehicle. (We reserve the right to adjust the value based on our approved valuation tool.)
  • Year of manufacture of the vehicle.
  • Weight of vehicle.
  • Make of vehicle.
  • Model or type i.e. GN, RS, KLR 650, SE, LE.
  • Chassis number (VIN).
  • Engine number.
  • Gasoline, diesel, hybrid, or electric.
  • Make an engine.
  • Number of cylinders.
  • Horsepower or cc.
  • Color of interior/upholstery.
  • Spare tires (make).
  • Other equipment (winch, roof racks, etc).

If you are traveling from Pakistan and want to avail yourself of Carnet De Passage, you can also contact the Automobile Association office in Lahore. The link is

Incase you are overlanding our beautiful country and are broken down in a remote area, feel free to contact us and we will try our best to provide recovery or repair services to any kind of vehicle.

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