Toyota Hilux Legendary, Unbreakable
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Toyota Hilux Legendary, Unbreakable

The Toyota Hilux Pakistan, dubbed “indestructible,” “uncompromising,” and “unbreakable,” is one of the world’s toughest vehicles. For a long-lasting little pickup, pretty much any Hilux is your best choice.

The Toyota HiLux has arrived, with an updated 2.8L diesel engine, smart safety, greater connectivity, and a tougher look. The Toyota HiLux’s  top-of-the-line 2.8L diesel engine power 201BHP and torque 500Nm in automatic transmission models. The clever Toyota Safety Sense system keeps you safe. There are Single, Extra, and Double-Cab models available, as well as 4×2 and 4×4 options.

Toyota Hilux Invincible

The Hilux has a renowned reputation for tackling any terrain and overcoming every difficulty. Since 1968, the world’s toughest icon has become more harder. The New Hilux boasts a new 2.8-litre diesel engine that produces 204 DIN horsepower and 500 Nm of torque and is standard on the Invincible X and optional on the Invincible grade, adding power and economy to the line-up. Hilux has smooth acceleration and pulling strength, allowing it to easily handle hefty loads.

The New Hilux comes with a variety of off-road capabilities in addition to its excellent 1 tonne payload, 3.5 tonne towing capability, and manual 4×4 system. Hilux keeps you going wherever work takes you, with features like an automated Limited Slip Differential, Hill Start Assist Control (HAC), and Active Traction Control (A-TRC).

The Toyota Hilux Pakistan has a striking new appearance. Durable materials and stunning finishes provide a new degree of elegance within the cabin, designed to make life simpler. Its muscular appearance, powerful bumpers, and beautiful LED headlights exude strength and individuality.

Toyota Hilux Performance

With the New Generation 1GD engine’s greater torque and power output, improved suspension system, and enhanced power steering, you’ll feel tremendous power in your hands. New six-speed manual and automatic transmissions enable the Toyota Hilux improved performance and efficiency, including a “intelligent” manual gearbox that helps reduce shift shock by adjusting engine rpm to transmission speed.

All the power you need

The Toyota HiLux can handle everything you throw at it, whether you’re working or playing. Its engines are designed to handle anything from difficult industrial environments to towering slopes in 4×4 models.

Power and torque
The Toyota HiLux’s top-of-the-line 2.8L diesel engine power 201BHP and torque 500Nm in automatic transmission models.

Towing power
Load up. 4×4 HiLux models offer a 3.5 tonne braked towing capacity[G6] thanks to more power and clever towing systems.

Rear diff lock, low range 4WD, and Downhill Assist Control are standard on the HiLux SR 4×4 Double Cab Auto, SR5, Rogue, and Rugged X.

Toyota Hilux Pakistan


Its powerful posture exudes power, while its robust exterior protected by sturdy front and rear bumpers and durable body moldings.


Every new Hilux engineered and tested to operate in the world’s most extreme environments, so you can count on legendary quality, durability, and reliability.


Hill start Assist Control (HAC) and Active Traction Control (A-TRC) make even the most difficult take-offs straightforward, while its massive carrying and towing capacity ensures that nothing is left behind. So, whether you’re ascending or descending the slope, you’ll be in good hands. When you’re in a new Hilux, you can be certain that you’re in good hands*.


The inside of the new Hilux takes you to new levels of refinement and style. Tough on the outside, comfy on the inside, the interior of the new Hilux takes you to new levels of elegance and style. Durable materials and stunning finishes look as good as they feel, and the JBL sound system with Harman CLARi-Fi technology provides excellent audio quality no matter what music you listen to.

Toyota Hilux 8th Generation

The Hilux ushers in a “new age” of stress-free, easy-to-drive robustness. Nonetheless, the vehicle is “every inch a Hilux,” and can counted on to deliver the model’s legendary sturdiness, performance, responsiveness, and safety. The eighth-generation Hilux’s whole development concept was built on ‘redefining toughness,’ with the goal of creating the new Hilux ‘tougher’ in a far broader sense of the word. The architecture of the eighth-generation Hilux was not only harder, but it also minimize stress to the greatest extent feasible. It had riding comfort that made long, difficult travels more bearable, a quiet interior that permitted communication in any situation, and increased cruising range owing to greater fuel economy. It could also counted on to deliver the model’s famous toughness, performance, reactivity, and safety.


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