P2788 DTC Auto Shift Manual Adaptive Learning at Limit
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P2788 DTC Auto Shift Manual Adaptive Learning at Limit

P2788 OBD-II trouble code

P2788 means an issue with the adaptive learning system of the transmission which may cause harsh idling, poor shifting, and transmission overheating. It is also caused by low oil levels or burnt oil. This vehicle has very less transmission oil capacity which causes early failures.

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Adaptive transmission

Adaptive transmission is a type of automatic transmission that utilizes electronic sensors and a control module to monitor driving conditions and adjust the shift points and other transmission functions accordingly.

The goal of the adaptive transmission is to optimize the performance of the transmission for the driver’s specific driving style, as well as to provide smoother shifting and better fuel efficiency. The transmission control module uses data from sensors such as throttle position, vehicle speed, and engine load to determine the optimal shift points and transmission behavior.

P2788 DTC Auto Shift Manual Adaptive Learning at Limit

ECM of Honda Vezel

When the computer detects any abnormality in the torque curve, harsh shifting or a problem in the sensors it will set the P2788 Code. The codes are usually set if any change is monitored that exceeds the parameter values. This is usually based on throttle position, engine speed, engine load, and vehicle speed calculations.

Poor fuel avg

A poor fuel average is one of the signs of a hybrid having a transmission problem.

Transmission fluid level

The first thing to look for in a car with these issues is the level of transmission fluid, its state (burned or not burned), pressure solenoid data using a professional scan tool and also the type of oil, a lot of cars coming for repairs are having overfilled oil, usage of wrong oil or absence of oil.

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Possible Causes for the P2788 code are

  • Blockage in transmission fluid passages
  • Internal mechanical Pressure failure
  • Overheated transmission oil
  • Low transmission fluid
  • Fault in the transmission control module
  • Fault in the power control module

Some Codes associated with Honda Vezel / Honda Fit and Honda Grace

Code DTC P0909 Gate Select Control Error

Code DTC P1435 Charge / Discharge Balance Malfunction

Code DTC U3003-16 Electric Servo Brake Control Unit

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P2788 OBD-II

P2788 OBD-II



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