Toyota Alphard Hybrid E-Four

Toyota Alphard Hybrid E-Four

Toyota Alphard maintenance and services

We have attached some images and reference data for Toyota Alphard hybrid

Please note that it is a hybrid vehicle with CVT ATF and not WS ATF, the following chasis codes use CVT-TC transmission oil. You can also visit the link for  vehicles list using ATF-WS or CVT-TC by clicking here

Toyota CVT-TC Transmission oil


Alphard: ATH10W, ANH20W, ANH25W

Premium Hybrid Van

Tear down of Alphard Hybrid battery 

Access to Auxiliary 12V battery is between the front 2 seats

12v battery

Remove Hybrid battery Fuse and disconnect power

Gear Selector Lever

Removal of left passenger seat

Multi Information Display / Hybrid System overview

Hybrid battery controllers

Access to Hybrid Blower Fan / Cooling Fan

Fully blocked Battery cooling fan with Allergens, dust and carpet threads

Battery cooling fan placement

Blocked Fins

Cleaning the Fan

Cleaning contacts and terminals

Power Junction and fuses

Extreme precautions while working should be taken

CAN network of HV battery

Hybrid Inverter

Catalytic Converter of Toyota Alphard

The catalytic converter was recovered by cleaning it thoroughly.

Removal and Cleaning of Catalytic Converter

Spark Plugs for Toyota Alphard Hybrid

New NGK Iridium spark plugs

This vehicle was not converting to battery / EV mode due to choked catalytic and battery cooling fan, the above maintenance brought it back to perfect condition without carrying any unnecessary repairs.

Any vehicle can perform perfectly for a very long time if the maintenance work is done on-time. We also recommend not to have these complicated vehicles opened by  technicians who are not trained or skilled to carry out the job.


Toyota A

Toyota A








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